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Innovative thinking and solutions on a Continental scale

Our services incorporate all aspects from master planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance.

Regardless of the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies.



Security and Human Rights should be construed as inextricably intertwined. The effective delivery of the first and the protection of the second are mutually strengthening. 

We offers an innovative approach to the relationships between security and human rights that enables us to redress the skewed view that presents security needs and human rights protection as competing issues and face constructively the challenges posed by terrorism, trafficking in all its forms and other international and transnational crimes.


Your intelligence consultant

All our security and intelligence agents are, without exception, former military, law enforcement or special forces professionals, experienced with security operations and conflict management.

Quality, integrity, and experience are core values, anchored in the mindset of our company and our agents.


Our is a firm that provides a wide range of services in the field of Security and Policing. The firm offers state of the art and tailored consulting and training services, including but not limited to the following areas: Corporate Security,

Investigations, Political Risk Assessment, African Business Intelligence Analysis, Counter-terrorism, Counter-Piracy, Community Policing, Security equipment, etc.

Contrary to other foreign firms that offer sporadic assistance, we offer continuing assistance and support to our clients.


Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting  is a vibrant and innovative firm that provides expert security services to governmental and non-governmental organizations, the criminal justice system, diplomatic missions, security agencies, and international corporations across Africa.


Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting is proud to serve as the bridge between Africa and the international community on SECURITY, LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT issues offering execeptional results with an exceptional team. Our services are provided through conducting seminars, training, consulting, research and technical assistance.


Finding solutions to complex security problems sometimes requires unorthodox thinking. Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting special projects team consists of tried and tested experts that provide our clients around the globe expertise and measurable results.

Alpha Grace | Leadership and Business Coach | Bestselling Author | Thought Leader | World Traveler


Alpha Grace is one of the most sought-after transformation leadership coaches in the world. His extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 15 countries, six languages and hundreds of institutions.

As founder and CEO of CHANGEYOURSELF « Leading From Within », his proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for cross cultural leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their nations, their lives, and the world.


Of Alpha Grace’s many awards and accolades, his newest book, « Le Ruisseau Noir » (The BlackStream) has become a national bestseller.




Alpha Grace is the founder of Changeyourself, a global leadership and consulting firm.

Alpha Grace is one of the most sought after executive leadership and transformational coaches and business consultant worldwide.

His extensive cross cultural expertise spans several continents. Alpha Grace’s coaching is based on behavior science laced with heart based leadership.



Alpha Grace works with a blue-chip roster of clients, from c-suite executives in different companies to government leaders, to entrepreneurs, to nonprofits.

He serves organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries including biomedical, energy, pharmaceutical, technology, and finance.



Alpha Grace is one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in business, management and politics today.

He has enthused audiences around the world with her innovative perspective and provocative challenges of conventional wisdom.

His engaging talks on leadership, peak performance, and business growth have motivated and inspired audiences to unleash their greatness.




Through CHANGEYOURSELF, his global coaching and consulting practice, Alpha Grace has helped hundreds of leaders in more than 35 countries leverage their weaknesses, and unleash their greatness.

Alpha Grace’s proprietary executive leadership coaching program produces both the business results you need now, and the personal transformation that drives future success.


Aligning the development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization, he provides a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where leaders can gain valuable insights and develop positive new behaviors.


Alpha Grace works with leaders to:

  • Increase their self-awareness
  • Master adaptive leadership
  • Transform their communication skills
  • Dramatically enhance their ability to influence beyond formal authority

A track record of success – Alpha Grace has worked with a wide variety of organizations from large multinationals to small entrepreneurial start-ups, in Switzerland, Middles East and throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Alpha Grace’s global perspective has shaped her ability to empathize and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.


A complete coaching system with measurable progress – Alpha Grace’s expertise in psychology, and leadership philosophy is the key behind her coaching system to create effective leadership with a methodology that focuses on:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Actionable feedback
  • Clear outcomes
  • Tailored guidance
  • Long-term accountability

Regular stakeholder interviews and mini 360-degree feedback sessions allow for review of progress and effectiveness of each coaching program. If adjustments are needed, they are made in real time to align with performance and organizational goals.

Are you looking to be the kind of leader who is strategically skilled in your development, communication, focus, mission, and messaging? If so, contact Alpha Grace to find out how we can help your organization and leadership development.



“Alpha Grace and I worked together for over a year and in that time I learned many new skills and approaches to management and leadership. Alpha Grace is a very thoughtful and insightful coach that made a real difference to me in the approach to my leadership.” -  Thomas Gluchmman


In the best organizations, success is fueled by a shared vision, values, purpose and goals; a strong culture supported by honest communication; common respect and understanding of the organization’s limited resources; and across-the-board acceptance of the direction and urgency required to achieve excellence.


But some organizations cannot seem to get out of their own way. Teams work at cross-purposes, waste valuable resources, and become bogged down with bureaucracy and red tape. In these organizations, form becomes more important than substance, and the blame game and mistrust is rampant.


Alpha Grace founder and CEO of Changeyourself, has worked with a wide variety of organizations in Switzerland, Middle East and throughout Asia, Europe and South America.

He has worked with hi-tech start-ups, non-profits, educational institutions, media companies, manufacturers, government agencies, investment funds and

professional service firms, to improve the business performance and outcomes of people critical to the organization’s success including:


  • Defining, developing, and strengthening leadership teams
  • Creating leadership alignment
  • Building a trusting, values-driven culture
  • Strengthening effective communication
  • Creating dynamic teams and meaningful relationships
  • Engaging people to embrace change and continuous improvement
  • Moving beyond compliance and creating real commitment
  • Establishing cultural transformation



"Alpha Grace is a great consultant. As an organization we thought we had our plans in place, but Lolly challenged our thinking and our strategy. We now

have a compelling vision in the present and we have the competitive advantage for the future."  Frank Handerson, CEO

Dr Alpha Grace
Dr Alpha Grace
Dr Alpha Grace
Dr Alpha Grace


Alpha Grace is one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in business today. He has enthused audiences around the world with his innovative perspective and provocative challenges to the conventional wisdom of leadership, peak performance, and business growth. His engaging talks are filled with personal anecdotes and sensible ideas that are practical and actionable, and have motivated and inspired audiences to unleash their greatness.




In this talk, Alpha Grace draws on 3 decades of business experience and research to reveal seven archetypes of leadership that the most successful leaders, bosses, and managers embody: The Rebel, The Explorer, The Truth Teller, The Hero, The Inventor, The Navigator, and The Knight.

Each archetype’s rise is fueled by activating a distinct set of valuable traits, but these same talents hide a shadow side. When faced with challenges and uncertainty, it’s not uncommon for soaring leaders to be pulled down by the shadow side of the very traits that made them successful. So, how do great leaders avoid the fall?


What is it that makes some leaders successful, while others can’t get traction with their people, their customers, or their organizations—no matter how hard they try? Why do some people seem like they were born to lead, while others struggle to gain the loyalty and engagement of their people? Why can’t everyone in a position of leadership inspire those around them to reach higher and aspire to more?

Based on a mix of modern philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and her own vast well of experience, Alpha Grace offers a breakthrough perspective on leadership — a new system for rethinking everything you know to reveal the path to becoming the leader you truly want to be.

Are your strongest leadership qualities getting in the way of your greatness?



The world is craving a new story about leadership and business, one that underscores the way people trust and contribute to each other. Without trust, the chances for a long-term success are diminished. Those who recognize the importance of building business and leadership foundation on trust are likely to find themselves doing what is right and what is good for stakeholders in the long run.

Do you know what difference trust makes in your business, your leadership and your life?


When people are inspired to achieve a purpose greater than themselves, no challenge is too great and no impediment is too difficult – everyone is focused on common goals. People place aside their personal needs, strive for the common good, and work together as a team.

Leading from the heart cultivates knowledge, respect, and trust and fuels real leadership with a powerful vision, a unified mission, and passion about core values.

Do you listen to your heart when you lead?


As a much-sought-after convention and conference speaker, Alpha Grace has electrified audiences worldwide. He has conducted hundreds of public seminars for a broad range of organizations. His speaking engagements range from large venues to intimate gatherings where he delivers highly customized seminars.

Alpha Grace can work with you to customize a perfect keynote speech for either a half- or a full-day seminar. Alpha Grace can help motivate and energize your organization or staff, introducing positive change to usher in a new direction.


"Attendees have described Alpha Grace’s speeches as “invigorating,” and even “life-changing.” One attendee recently said, “Alpha Grace created so much energy in the room, I will be able to live on it for the next month."

"I heard Alpha Grace speak at our conference earlier this year. He shared his methods for leadership effectiveness and having the competitive advantage. I highly recommend Alpha Grace as a speaker for leadership development, business process and motivation. Thank you, Alpha Grace for wonderful way you have with words and the spirit in which you deliver your message."


Every successful workshop begins with a clear understanding of the needs and objectives of an organization and its leaders.




Greatness is not a destiny, that is granted to a few, greatness is a choice that is available to anyone.


The Manifest Your Greatnesss workshop enables people and organizations to make the wisest possible investment of their time and energy in order to produce breakthrough results.


Nothing great happens in leadership until you can own who you being while you are leading.


You can know the how, what, where, and even the why.  If you don’t know the WHO you are, your leadership will not prevail.

Topics include:

Alpha Grace’s proven and successful  "R. E. T. H. I. N. K."  model of archetypal leadership

Seven archetypes of great leadership:

Rebel, Explorer, Truth Teller, Hero, Inventor, Navigator, Knight

The seven characteristics of strength that each leader must serve with:

Confidence, Intuition, Candor, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Loyalty

The seven leadership gaps that keep you from greatness:

Imposter, Exploiter, Deceiver, Bystander, Destroyer, Fixer, Mercenary

Create your own leadership blueprint for mastery.



Leadership is not so much about position as much as it is about your disposition.


CHANGEYOURSELF  is a powerful workshop that examines the essence of leadership - the core questions that leaders must answer for themselves from within.

This process workshop provides leaders with tools and strategies to explore the challenges of leadership, enhance their personal effectiveness and integrity as leaders, and better enable them to lead.


CHANGEYOURSELF workshop goes beyond rote skills and process checklists that you find in conventional leadership development workshops.

Leadership comes from within, it matters not how but who you are.


Leaders need to examine - and clearly articulate - personal values, talents, contributions, and vision as the foundation of self-leadership. Each of us is born with what it takes to lead, but not all of us are born feeling like leaders. With a little wisdom, a little encouragement, and a lot of empowerment, you can be a leader no matter your title.

Topics include:

Understanding what it means to lead

Establishing leadership foundation

Meeting leadership challenges

Identifying core values and articulated vision

Meeting expectations of those you serve




"Alpha Grace is a great consultant who puts heart back to whatever he does. He was truly transformational for our business."  Reverine Balwaga


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